We are Ukrainian Company established in Kherson region in March 2016

The production and laboratory facilities are located in Golaya Pristan’ city, Kherson region. The facilities area is more than 2500 sq. M and the manufacturers’ area is 825 sq. M.

About Us

Everything we do is based on love!

A human needs comfortable conditions on the planet: earth, water, sun and air. Unfortunately, the achievements of civilization causing damage to nature, but thanks to a modern science it has become possible to fill up such losses. This mission is the base statement of our company. Our mineral micro fertilizer is exactly the 5th element that is able to save the Earth and its nature!

Mr. Vladimir Bilyi
Director General of a company «SPE «The Fifth Element» LLC

«SPE «The Fifth Element» LLC specializes in:

  • Scientific development and production of complex nano-stimulants for crops, restoration of soil fertility and yield increase;
  • Manufacturing of products for increasing efficiency of the farming sectors industries;
  • Cultivation and processing of crop products.

5-element – production of innovative nano fertilizers that are saving the Earth!

Our company mission

Ecologization of agricultural production and development of biological farming

Our product acts as the necessary THE FIFTH ELEMENT in the system

Our company creates conditions for optimizing the life-support of the plant by activating the internal and external microbiological processes that affect the life of the plant.

Mission Details